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Instagram used as marketing tool

Admin posted 3 months ago

Instagram was introduced as an app for entertainment at the beginning. Its users were mostly excited for the sharing of their pictures and using hash tags to express the stories in the picture. With time the use of this social app has changed drastically. With more than billion monthly active users, Instagram can be used to promote brands very effectively. Instagram features engaging and measurable platform to create and manage advertisement for the products and services.

There is a range of useful marketing tool that Instagram offers that help business reach their targeted market and hold their attention.

Customizable call to action button

Call to action button is customizable links in your Instagram business page that can help users take various actions with click of a link. You can set up the links to call company’s number, send email, leave comments, go to company’s website etc. This is very useful to generate more traffic to company’s website and provide the users with easier access to company’s products and services.

Instagram posts as Ads

You can promote Instagram posts as marketing material in company’s Instagram account. Photo Ads, Videos Ads and Carousal Ads provide a non intrusive way to promote your business in Instagram. 

Targeting viewers group

Instagram lets you customize your advertisement campaign as per the requirement of the market. The company can target an age group, location, specific demography, Interest groups for the advertisement. Unlike other traditional method of advertisement, one can pause the advertisement at any time and continue when they want to. 
Tracking performance

Instagram provides a very user friendly and precise data of the promotion campaign that you run through Instagram. You can track the progress of the advertisement, monitor the behavior of your viewers and get the feedback from them.

As Instagram has given a new approach to marketing, it also has created an ecosystem of a new genre of marketing trends. Instagram has provided a platform for artists, creators and business to reach larger mass of people. Today it is possible for a talented individual to gain large following or have a fan base by just uploading the video of performance or photos of their work. Social media marketing like Instagram has created an opportunity for content creators, photographers, bloggers, models etc. 
Instagram account like who makes vine videos and sing songs, similarly_8teen who is muser and fashion vlogger  and many other artists have gained popularity through Instagram in India. 

Nowadays there are professional social media marketing service providers who provides with marketing material, marketing campaign and social media account managing services. These service providers handles companies Instagram account and create interesting and engaging marketing posts for the companies that attracts viewers and inform them about the product and services. The social media marketing panels help the business firms and individuals to show case their products, services and individual talents to stand out among the competitors are create a bond among their viewers. It help them introduce themselves in the market and also find there. Many foreign companies also seek social media marketing services in India because they are cheap and reliable. 


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