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A Person make 3000 USD per month with Instagram posts

Admin posted 3 months ago

Instagram was introduced as an app for entertainment at the beginning. Its users were mostly excited for the sharing of their pictures and using hash tags to express the stories in the picture. With time the use of this social app has changed drastically. Now people are using Instagram to promote their business and make money out of it. You might find it hard to believe but there are people who make money with their Instagram account ranging from very little to some hundred thousand. Yes it is true that your Instagram account can be your full time money making job. In the blog today I am going to discuss on how our pets can be our source of income. Yes the most loved pet, dogs can now make money with their IG account.

An upstart talent agency is planning to pay the dogs up to $3000 per month on their post based on their number of followers. The owner or the account for such post must have 150,000 to 250,000 followers and this will make them earn monthly. Surprising isn’t it? Well not anymore as “The Dogist” Instagram account created by Elias Weiss Friedman will be paying for your pet’s post and photos. The incredible story of making $3000 per month using Instagram was published and featured in the “Wall Street Journal”. 

Mr. Friedman has been collaborating with Loni Edwards who is his manager and specializes in social media marketing and she herself is an owner of French bulldog named Chole. Her dog’s Instagram itself has 125,000 Instagram followers. They both are working together to make The Dogist a popular brand for the dogs and their Instagram account. They are working to ensure such accounts are income generating as well. Ms. Edwards says they have already finalized their partnership with search engine Google and Merck and in the same time they are trying to make deal with the camera makers Nikon as well. The reason for this is since Instagram is all about sharing your pictures based on the story they believe good photos are must. 

Ms. Edwards has made this her full time job now and there are several reasons to believe on her story of dogs making money from Instagram. One of those reasons is that the top breed dogs are now generating interest from different brands like designer shoes to cars, vacuum cleaners and carpeting and much more. There are several dogs owner who also receive calls and interest from the ad agencies directly as well. All I can say is that now dogs are not just loyal pet but have the capability to make money for you as well. Get them playing, moving and dancing around and click beautiful pictures and post them on the IG with relatable hash tags to get followers. Once you reach the minimum required numbers The Dogist is ready to give your pay which can be up to $3000 per month. Interesting, isn’t it?

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