Instagram Verified Check (blue tick )
ID Name Description Price Per 1000 Min Max
316 cheap verification package fill 1000 for 1 quantity ( 2 start Effectiveness ) 1. Verification case setup 2. Online PR creation Based on the calculations, your account should be eligible to get verified on Instagram, create ticket and send the instagram profile id (get verified ) Note: This package does NOT include the request submission to Instagram. No refunds in any case! $120.00 1000 1000
317 Large Verification Package Large Verification Package fill 1000 for 1 quantity Verification case setup Online PR creation Verification submission at Instagram Note: While we do the submission to Instagram for you, this does not guarantee that Instagram will accept the verification request. No refunds in any case! $200.00 1000 1000
445 Facebook page Verification Facebook page Verification $135 DIRECT CALL US 988801406 $134.00 1000 1000